Useful links


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Read up on what, as an NHS patient, you should expect for any medical condition.

Cancer Charities

Macmillan The authoritative cancer website. Has a great online community with numerous groups you can join.

Penny Brohn Bristol based cancer support charity, looking at whole life approach

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care North London based cancer support charity

Cancer Research UK Lots of information and statistics, some quite medical and stark.

Shine For young adults with cancer in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

Little Princess Trust Got some hair to donate? Wigs for children

Breast Cancer Specific Charities

Breast Cancer Care Excellent breast cancer website. Has a great online forum, as well as support at the end of a phone.

Breast Cancer Now Lots of great information and news about breast cancer.

The Haven Breast cancer support charity with numerous UK sites

Breast Cancer UK Dedicated to preventing breast cancer. Some great information on how to #ditchthejunk

Articles About Cancer

Post Surgery

Exercises to help prevent lymphoedema

Bras: Nicola Jane, Amoena, Royce

Chemotherapy – how to get through it

Some thoughts on chemotherapy from Decca Aitkenhead

A great round up of tips on dealing with chemotherapy

Women’s beauty workshops: Look Good Feel Better

Wigs and headwear:

Trendco I haven’t used, but they come highly recommended

Buffs, great alternative to turbans and scarves buffwear

Wigs and NHS

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Great tutorials from Carly

Living well with Cancer

Brilliant website selling all things you might need to support yourself through treatment and beyond Live Better With Cancer


Leading research and support on menopause, Menopause Matters

Shared experiences from other women on Henpicked


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